Barossa Boy sources fruit from Trent and his families’ vineyards, as well as long-term Barossa growers, with whom Trent Burge has built excellent working relationships over many vintages.

​Fruit from the low-lying floor of the Barossa Valley is used across all wines, typically providing ripe, juicy flavours consistent with the classic Barossa style. Bush vine Grenache lives up to its untrained, relaxed appearance with lively, approachable fruit flavours. Old vine Mataro, planted in 1950, is savoury, dark, and earthy. The majority of Barossa fruit is dry grown, imparting deep and concentrated flavours.

​Cabernet Sauvignon for our Double Trouble Shiraz Cabernet is grown in family-owned Eden Valley vineyards. This picturesque neighbouring region has a higher altitude and cooler climate than the Barossa floor. Slower ripening and late harvest allow the accumulation of complex, refined flavours. Distinct, textured blackcurrant characters are the perfect complement to the big ripeness of valley floor Shiraz.