His family’s history in the Barossa Valley goes back to 1855 when his great-great-great grandfather John Burge immigrated to South Australia. He began work as a winemaker, and every generation since has followed. Winemaking is well and truly in the Burge blood.

Growing up a ‘country boy’, Trent had an active outdoor childhood. Team sports were his passion, when he wasn’t tearing about the family property and vineyards on his motorbike. The young sportsman headed to England for a cricket club program that saw him live an ‘endless summer’ for several idyllic years. When the English cricket season was over, he’d return for the Barossa vintage, earning his keep as a cellar hand in the family winery.

Involved in every aspect of grape growing and winemaking, Trent learnt the trade quite literally from the ground up. The craft, the Barossa region, its people, and stories wove their magic.



Trent’s passion for winemaking intensified to eclipse even his love of sports, and in 2006 he officially joined the family business full-time.

A vision for his own label grew. This sixth generation Barossa boy needed to make his own mark on the world. A particularly fine vintage in 2016 propelled plans into place and Barossa Boy was born.

In 2017, Trent and his wife Jessica welcomed their first child, a seventh generation and a new chapter of this Barossa Boy’s story brought to life.